Safety Compliance Services has worked in multiple foreign countries providing training and consulting services. This includes Asia, the Middle East, Central America, and the Caribbean. We have provided effective training services to the foreign workforces of clients around the world in English as well as in native languages through translation of all presentation and handout materials and use of interpreters. Our work outside the United States has allowed us to gain an understanding of workplace cultures and attitudes toward safety around the globe, giving us a great advantage in teaming with our clients in achieving their desired goals both in the states and abroad.

Whether you are looking to develop an in-house rescue team, provide training in health and safety, have a gap analysis conducted to determine the current status of your operation or facility outside the U.S., or develop a health and safety program in line with U.S. safety standards while conforming to in-country regulations, we have the experience to assist you in your overseas or international operations.



“Our Businesses are in the Second Phase of Confined Space Training; having just recently completed the Rescue Section with “Excellent” acceptance by the local work force. In my 37+ years of Power Delivery Work I’ve not seen a better group of Trainers than Don Bessette and the Safety Compliance Services folks. Don and his guys are number one with AES Group of Businesses here in Kazakhstan. We look forward to many more Training Sessions with Safety Compliance Services.”

Ron Beaver – HSE Director, AES Group of Businesses, Kazakhstan